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Smile Guarantee, delivered.

Keep your smile in check. Get fresh custom retainers delivered to your doorstep for as low as ₱8,999 per year. 

Did you know?

Retainers should be
replaced every 6 months.

Orthodontists recommend replacing of retainers regularly to prevent bacteria build-ups and staining. Retainers older than 6 months are also prone to breaking – and when that happens, panic ensues. We don’t want that for you.

Life can be messy, your retainers shouldn’t be.

Lost your invisible braces?
We've got you covered.

Accidents happen, but you can rest easy when you’re a subscriber! You can skip the 3D scan and we’ll replace your invisible braces ASAP, so you can sleep at night knowing your smile isn’t going anywhere.

We will only replace your invisible braces if your partner dentist deems necessary as they might prefer to advise skipping the current set if it makes more sense. So don’t rush to throw your previous set away! More terms and conditions here >>

Most affordable clear retainers in the market.

We are the first and only ones offering instalments for retainers and the total price is still cheaper than the others! 

Pick your plan.

The best pricing options in the market to protect your new smile. Hidden charges? Never heard of her.

All subscriptions will auto-renew unless cancelled by the customer. Cancellations before a minimum subscription period of 12 months are not allowed. More terms and conditions here >>

Yearly subscription.

Auto renewal every year.
  • 2 sets of fresh retainers, delivered to you every year.
  • Broke or lost your invisible braces? We replace them for free.
  • No hidden charges!

Monthly subscription.

Pay every month for a year.
  • 2 sets of fresh retainers, delivered to you every year.
  • Broke or lost your invisible braces? We replace them for free.

Questions about our retainers, answered.

Once you have completed your become journey, you need to wear your retainers regularly in order to keep your teeth in the same position. If you stop wearing your retainer, your teeth will likely shift over time, undoing months of your smile makeover efforts. It is important to regularly replace your retainers to maintain your new smile as well as good oral hygiene. Retainers, like toothbrushes, collect bacteria and viruses over time and need to be regularly replaced. In addition, retainers can stretch or break over time and the only way to ensure that they are keeping your teeth in their current position is to regularly replace your retainer, which our subscription plan makes easy!

The retainers retains your teeth in their current position. They do not straighten or otherwise move your teeth, unlike become invisible braces. 

Good question! There are 2 main types of retainers – clear retainers and Hawley type retainers (the type with coloured acrylic and metal wires.) At become we only offer clear retainers that looks just like our invisible braces.

We use Essix material for your retainers. It has proven to be the most comfortable and best performing material. We can ensure that your become retainers are durable and safe as the material is BPA- and phthalate-free

No problem – a quick, comfortable 3D scan from a at a becomeStudio™ is the beginning of your become experience. It’s your key to low cost, perfectly fitting retainers that are mailed to your home. Contact our customer service to schedule a scan.

Hate to break this to you, but the answer is yes. You change your toothbrush every 3 months and those are only in your mouth for 4 minutes a day. Retainers are working for 6-8 hours a day and, over time, they become loose and harbour bacteria. A fresh retainer is a fresh start and a key to overall oral health.

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