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Welcome to The Daily Alignment – our new blog and resource centre for all things related to teeth straightening and oral care.

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Welcome to The become Journal – our new blog and resource centre for all things related to teeth straightening and oral care. We hope you find this to be a useful place to get all the information you need to know about life with invisible braces and how to improve your oral health – in addition to getting inspired by our customer stories on their journey to self confidence. But before we begin, let us briefly tell you why we’re doing this. 

In Southeast Asia, orthodontic treatments have not always been as easily accessible and would often come with an expensive price tag. This is why become was founded to bridge that gap – however that gap also limits access to reliable information on teeth straightening and oral care. Many of us do not have the chance to speak to a dentist or orthodontist about our dental concerns, and we are left to seek our own answers elsewhere. And even though the internet exists to answer most questions, it’s way harder to know who and where you can put your trust into.

And this is why we have created The become Journal – to provide answers to your oral and dental related questions with science-based and expert-backed resources and articles. We want to be a reliable source that you can count on by providing you not only the answers you are looking for, but also the same clinical advice you’d receive in any dental or orthodontic clinics. Our advice, opinions and articles are unbiased, honest and transparent – just like our invisible braces.

In addition, we are not here to just publish science based and expert-backed articles – but to also explore and narrate stories of the more human side of dental care. You’ll be inspired by the stories of people seeking to straighten their smile on their journey to self confidence and the impact it has on their lives. 

To conclude this, we just want to let you know that our goal is to bring honest and real value to our readers, whether or not if they ever become our customers (pun intended). We want to be able to empower you to make better and informed decisions related to teeth straightening and oral health – and if we are able to do that for you by providing amazing content, then we will consider that a win on our part too.

Happy reading!