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5 Teeth Straightening Myths & Facts

Sometimes we hear about what our neighbour’s brother’s friend’s mention of their experience with teeth straightening. In this post, we set the record straight about the ‘fake news’ that surrounds these myths and facts.

Myth #1: It will take years to straighten my teeth.

It is a common understanding that back in the day, traditional metal braces were the go-to option to straighten your teeth and depending on the severity of your alignment it may take up to years. But that is not always the case. The good news is that most cases involve crowding, spacing or both in adults, and this group are the best candidates for invisible aligners. The teeth straightening period can be as little as 3 months with invisible aligners.

Myth #2: I’m too old. 

There are misconceptions that teeth straightening is limited to children while the teeth and jaw are developing or the perception that braces are only for teenagers. This is just false and there are no age restrictions. Braces work just as well on a 35-year-old mouth as on a 15 year old. Since teeth shift over time, you might even find more benefits in your teeth straightening journey as an adult. Healthy teeth can be aligned into the proper positions at any age. If you have been interested in taking the next step of getting your new smile, just know it is never too late.

Myth #3: I can change just my upper (or lower) teeth.

“My upper teeth are perfectly fine, I just want to align the lower teeth.” Does this sound like you? Unfortunately, we can’t just have the lower part of the braces, wear them and be on our way. Think of your teeth as a packaged deal, it comes together, and both change during the straightening period so your bite will turn out great. You can’t skip one set as you’ll need to align both together to reach your goal.

Myth #4: My teeth will stay straight forever after wearing braces.

There are many who wish this was the case but unfortunately this myth proves to be false. Once you have removed your braces it is still possible for your teeth to move back to pre-treatment positions due to natural tendencies. That is why it is very important to wear your retainers for results in the long term. Taking a small extra step with your invisible braces to make sure your hard work doesn’t go to waste!

Myth #5 Crooked teeth is just an aesthetic issue.

This myth is probably one of the biggest myths out there as it gets thrown around and twisted in a way to put off getting teeth straightening. Invisible braces are not only a big investment financially but also time and energy spent to reach your new smile. 

Ever heard a friend tell you “Don’t worry, crooked teeth will give your smile character. No need to spend so much money on a small vanity issue.” The first part might be true, but teeth straightening is not a small vanity issue. When eating with crooked teeth, it is easier for food and bacteria to get stuck in between and it is harder to clean. Combined with the fact that most people do not practice regular dentist visits, this can lead to tooth decay, possible gum issues and other oral health issues.

By taking care of your teeth alignment now, you can set yourself up for success and avoid far more painful and costly treatments in the future. When you are ready, book your free scan and take the next step to your teeth straightening goals. 

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