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How Invisible Braces Steer You Towards a Healthier Lifestyle

Will wearing invisible braces stop you from doing many things or will it lead you to a healthy lifestyle? Check out this article for your answer on how invisible braces will lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Wearing invisible braces sounds like it brings a lot of restrictions for many months, but getting your smile fixed has never been easier with become. On top of that, invisible braces can make a positive change to your lifestyle, making you choose healthier habits and decisions. Here’s how invisible braces will lead you to a healthy lifestyle:

1. Healthier consumption with drinking and smoking

For those who consume alcohol on a regular basis may have to reduce how much you drink every day to avoid exposing your teeth and gums to sugar that may be left behind in the trays. Smoking is highly discouraged as it can ruin the transparency of your invisible braces, taking away the quality that you purchased them for.

2. Better oral hygiene routine

By wearing invisible braces you will build a routine habit of taking them off before eating and cleaning them regularly. The best time-effective way to maintain a good oral hygiene routine is to brush immediately after every meal. By having this routine, your teeth and invisible braces will always be clean and this will help to improve your oral health and teeth straightening experience.

3. Healthier food and beverage lifestyle

become invisible braces are made of durable, breakthrough thermoplastic but can be affected by colouring of drinks. This will push you to drink more water compared to tea, soda, and juice. Those beverages run the risk of staining the invisible braces and traps sugar under them which causes cavities. 

Bonus: Wearing invisible braces can help you snack less and lose weight, due to the entire process of taking off the trays, rinsing them, washing them and putting them back on just to eat a cookie. 

4. Better sleep and no headaches

When the upper and lower jaw do not fit together correctly, it leads to teeth grinding as you sleep. This will cause a disruption in your sleep and brings tension to your neck and jaw muscles. This tension and teeth grinding causes tiredness and sore muscles in the jaw which have an impact on the neck and head, causing you to have a headache when you wake up. Once you have your smile transformed, you will be smiling and sleeping better too.

5. Improved self-esteem

If your teeth are crooked, smiling may be the last thing you want to do to feel confident. When you look your best, it is that much easier to feel confident no matter the situation you are in; going on a blind date, presenting your slides at work. With invisible braces, you can straighten your teeth discreetly so you don’t have to attract any unwanted attention. Over time, you will be able to show off your new smile and feel confident doing so.

Teeth straightening has never been this affordable and accessible, which is what become is striving for. Find out why become is for you here, and take our online assessment here. Check out the rest of our blog for other great reads.

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