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How Healthtech Makes Invisible Braces Affordable for Youths

Teledentistry has made it possible for us to deliver high quality of care without the extra costs and hassle of monthly clinic visits.

What is healthtech?

Healthtech is a sector where digital products and services and healthcare meet. Designed in a way that provides people with a faster, cheaper and more accessible care. These services are usually found outside of a clinic to remote areas where healthcare is not as accessible. 

By using advanced technology, it creates new areas of innovation such as teledentistry to 

emerge and allow healthcare systems to reach across the Philippines and Southeast Asia to meet growing demand and need to access healthcare everywhere.

Healthtech and teledentistry

One of the rising sub-areas of healthtech is telehealthcare, where it enables people to access to receive assistance and the help they need remotely. Given the ability to speak to multiple people at once instead of spending long hours for one person this allows the service provider to be more responsive in handling the consumer’s different needs and ultimately makes it easier for all healthcare professionals to provide high quality service to more people. 

Teledentistry is part of the larger picture in telehealthcare. Where similarly, the goal is to improve the access of dental care, create a place for licensed dentists to exchange insights, and further advance dental care remotely. This will greatly help those who are unable to reach a dentist or just live too far away from a dental clinic in the Philippines. 

At become, we push to make teeth straightening accessible to all but also affordable for all. High quality of care without the costs of time, money, effort and at times feels tense and rushed. This is possible because we eliminate the costs that are in between in-person consultation and the middlemen that are providing you the invisible braces, with a direct to consumer model. 

Most importantly, your teeth straightening process will be handled by our partner dentists but become has fixed the price for you. 

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