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Can become Fix My Buck Bunny Teeth this Easter?

Protruding teeth, or 'buck teeth', is a common dental problem. The good news is that in many cases, the problem can be fixed without the need for metal braces.

Easter is just around the corner, and there are two things that come with it namely Easter bunny and candy supplies in abundance. Easter is definitely not the best holiday for oral health, where it’s hard to limit children’s (or even adults’) intake of candy. But there’s another thing that Easter reminds us of – bunny teeth or buck teeth. 

What are buck bunny teeth, and do they impact one’s health? Do they have to be fixed? Let’s dive down the rabbit hole and discuss these questions.

What are buck teeth?

Bunny teeth or buck teeth, also known as protruding teeth, is a type of teeth misalignment where the upper front teeth are prominently protrude out, sometimes over the lip for severe cases.

What are the causes of buck teeth?

For many people, the cause of bunny teeth is thumb-sucking or using a pacifier during childhood, but it’s also possible to have them even if you didn’t have those habits when you were a child. 

Some people are simply born with larger teeth than normal. For example, the two upper front teeth are the largest and this is the most common case of bunny teeth. If your teeth are too large for your mouth, they can appear to protrude. Another cause is when the lower jaw’s shape of position puts pressure on the teeth, eventually pushing them forward.

What are the problems with buck teeth?

Although most people get their protruding teeth corrected for aesthetic reasons, buck teeth correction is important because they are more than just a cosmetic concern. Buck teeth impact chewing, affect speech, cause damage to surrounding teeth and gums, aside from posing greater risk of being knocked during contact sports or an accident.

Can buck teeth be fixed without metal braces?

Traditional metal braces might not be an option to some people due to their intrusive nature. Especially if your teeth are not even crooked, wearing metal braces for two years doesn’t sound like an interesting option if you just want to slightly push your two front teeth back. As for home remedies and DIY methods to straightening teeth? Definitely, no. They are always a bad idea as they cause long-term damage, and risk leaving your teeth looking worse than they did to begin with. If you want to fix your buck teeth without having a ‘train track’ in your mouth, get a professional to help you.

The good news is, in mild and moderate cases buck teeth can be fixed with invisible braces. They are clear plastic trays custom-made as per your teeth. Just like metal braces, invisible braces gradually move your teeth into position until the ideal alignment is achieved.

If the pandemic is the reason you haven’t fixed your buck teeth, worry not as become invisible braces treatment doesn’t require frequent visits to the clinic. You get started with an online assessment, a dental scan at the clinic, and then you’ll receive the treatment plan with a preview of the results via email. If you like the treatment plan, proceed to buy the invisible braces – which will be delivered to your door. Take the assessment here.

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