Get 15%OFF on invisible braces when you complete a scan and purchase before 31 December! T&C apply.

'Tis the season of smiles 🎄

Invisible braces on Christmas sale!

Get a smile makeover with become Invisible Braces for as low as ₱4375 per month or ₱65,250*. 

*Only valid for those who complete a scan appointment and purchase between 29th Nov – 31st December 2020

Why choose become invisible braces?

3 simple steps to your dream smile

dentist showing scan of upper teeth to customer in operation room

1. Free 3D scan
At your scan session, we display a 3D scan of your teeth and advise you in detail. No obligation to buy, ever.

2. Your treatment plan
Our partner dentists create a 3D simulation of your new smile & you decide whether you want to purchase or not.

Complete set of invisible braces and essentials.

3. Time to begin
We will ship all invisible braces for your entire treatment in a single box and follow up with you remotely every 2 weeks.

Pricing for everyone.

No hidden fees and 2 flexible options for you to choose from.

Exclusive SinglePay Offer!
₱65,250 ₱72,500
  • Pay it all in one go
6/12-month plans.
low as

  • Downpayment of ₱17,500
  • *Exact monthly amount determined by credit check

Why you should book a scan now?

Smile simulation of teeth moving into ideal position.

Get results in 4-9 months.

Your dream smile is attainable, without having to wait for years and years. become customers get straight teeth on an average of 6.5 months.

Make someone smile this Christmas, even if that someone is you! 🎁

Christmas is the gifting season, and the best gift you could have given someone special is something that lasts forever. A beautiful smile filled with straight teeth — now who wouldn’t want that for a Christmas gift? 

Get started by picking your location for a free scan.​

Hurry, the sooner you complete the scan, the sooner you receive your before/after smile simulation!

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