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Introducing Our 2020 Influencers

become is all about bringing smiles to people we care about. We are proud to introduce our growing team of influencers we have partnered with to empower more people to change their lives and teeth straightening is just the start. 


An avid traveller, influencer and YouTuber shows off the amazing food and hidden gems of the Philippines, Nelly brings warmth and good vibes throughout her profile reminding everyone that it is ‘more fun in the Philippines.’ Join Nelly on her adventures and discoveries all while straightening her teeth at the same time. Check her vlog channel here and instagram for more!

Cassandra Chloe

Meet Cassandra/Chloe, an influencer who shares plenty ranging from food and beverages, cosmetics to travel and lifestyle, you name it. Having a very wide variety of promotions throughout her feed, something become and Cassandra have in common is that both want to inspire others to be better. Follow her smile journey here

Bill Bello 

Bill, our latest influencer partner shares his fitness, fashion and lifestyle all while having fun and enthusiastic as he goes. Follow him here as he posts his teeth straightening progress  and spreads smiles without anyone noticing his invisible braces! 

And that’s become’s influencers. We’re always striving to help people smile with confidence with affordable teeth straightening. Check out the ‘Most-read articles in 2020’ here or book your free scan here.

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New Year Resolution: Bad habits to ditch

From being late to biting nails, we cover some bad habits that carry different levels of consequences and results. In this post, we share with you some tips and solutions that could help you ditch these bad habits for good. 

1. Being late

We all know the saying, if you’re on time, you’re late. While we can’t stop factors outside of our control from happening every now and then, habitual lateness will eventually bring serious damage to your credibility. Whether it is getting to work late or dialing in to video calls late, by doing so, you are giving off the impression that you are either disorganised or you do not care to respect the time of others. 

Always plan to be early, don’t plan to be on time. Plan ahead and leave enough room between meetings in case of any unexpected delays. Good practice is to always be 10-15 minutes early to any appointments. That little space of time can be a valuable moment in a busy day, to allow us to stop catching up with our agenda and stay ahead in life

2. Spending too much time on social media

This can be especially difficult for some professions that unavoidably require to log heavy hours on social media. Adding to the barriers in breaking this habit, we are facing a lockdown where from breaking news to the hottest memes are all on social media. We often know the signs, we probably even ignore them by now — sore eyes, concentration difficulty, finding it hard to sleep. 

If too much screen time has you feeling drained, it may be time for some adjustments. Some activities to try off screens: painting, cooking, reading or something you find relaxing and therapeutic might help you feel refreshed than looking into screens every hour you’re awake.

3. Work/life imbalance

A study conducted by Kisi called “Best Cities For Work-Life Balance 2020” reveals Kuala Lumpur as globally ranked 4th last for worst work-life balance. While being passionate about your job is great, you shouldn’t grind out over time every day. Especially given that working from home is the new norm, the lines between work and personal life get blurry. 

Respecting the boundaries of when to clock out can leave you feeling less stressed and gives you more opportunities to pursue your other interests as well. Finding that balance between work commitments and to unwind will do you big favours in the long run

4. Drinking too much coffee or soda

If you’re the type of person who needs 5 cups of coffee a day ‘just to stay awake’, it is time to leave this habit behind. Firstly, is the issue that coffee stains your teeth because of the presence of tannins in it. Next, similarly to soda, coffee is highly acidic. Excessive consumption will wear away the enamel that protects your teeth. Soda also has high levels of sugar, which is one of the biggest harms to oral hygiene. 

Cutting down on these beverages and maintaining a good oral hygiene routine will help to prevent stains!

5. Biting your nails

Some of us – albeit being adults now – still have the bad habit of biting our nails. Be it as a response to being nervous, stressed or anxious, it is warned against. Not only it may be deemed childish but could also bring real consequences especially during this time – where you are at risk of putting germs in your mouth.  Regular nail biting can also chip your teeth or cause you to move your teeth.  Add that to the unnatural pressure you place on your jaw and lead to jaw dysfunction. 

You can always practice good care by using proper tools to cut your nails beforehand so as not to fix them with your teeth. Enlisting the help of your family members to point it out also proves to be an effective step.

These are the habits to ditch and focus on better ones this year. A good habit is always to smile more. At become, we look to empower people to smile with confidence without breaking the bank. Click here to check the rest of our blog and when you’re ready, book a scan here.

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Most-read articles in 2020 on The become Journal

Thanks to the global pandemic and lockdown, we have spent half the year staying home to avoid spreading and getting infected by the novel coronavirus. With nothing much to do at home (at least for some of us), it’s only natural that we turned to the Internet for our source of entertainment and information. 

Out of all the articles we’ve created, published and shared this year, these five articles are the ones that people keep coming back to. Take a look in case you missed out!

1. Barter Communities in The Philippines

2020 has been a tough year for all of us, but those who earn income on a daily basis such as farmers and market vendors are the ones mostly affected by it. Due to this, barter trading found its way back into modern Filipino houses with the help of modern technology. Read these heartwarming stories of the barter communities in the Philippines and who knows you might get inspired to start something in your local community.

2. Why DIY Teeth Straightening and Fake Braces are Bad Ideas

A growing trend in the teeth straightening space is do-it-yourself (DIY) methods – be it closing gaps by installing the wires by yourself around the lower incisors or by buying ready-made plastic braces. Achtung! Moving your teeth without dental professionals designing your treatment can have serious consequences. Read on to learn why we say it’s a bad idea.

3. Trending Christmas Gifts 2020

Whether you’re looking for a nice gift for your boss or a cheeky present for your brother, the process can be daunting. It comes as no surprise that this article made it to the list, despite being published very close to Christmas day itself. The Christmas season has passed, but you can still benefit from this article for ideas for birthday gifts or other special occasions!

4. The Different Types of Crooked Teeth

There are different types of teeth misalignment and they are not all mutually exclusive. Toothy gaps and crowded teeth are all we’re familiar with. Here is our guide to the types of teeth misalignment – from overjet to crossbite – so you can identify which one describes your teeth.

5. What Happens at a Scan Session
You have submitted your assessment form, now you are waiting excitedly for your scan session but what happens there? Is there anything I need to know or bring? Would it be painful, or do I need to take a chill pill? In this article we explain what happens at a becomeStudio™ scan session. So that’s it, our five most read articles in 2020. If you are looking for more information on teeth straightening and invisible braces, visit our website and see what promotions are available! 
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Best & Worst Holiday Treats For Teeth

After going through a year’s of different festivities, there one more big Christmas dinner to end December. This holiday season, as you and your family feast on through the spread, don’t forget to keep your oral health in mind. To help you know which to avoid or to enjoy more of to keep your teeth healthy, here are some of the best and worst Christmas treats (for your teeth):

The Best Teeth Treats

Spaghetti / Macaroni Salad – For Noche Buena, many people will have their own versions of spaghetti, how you can make it work better your teeth is skipping the sweeter versions. Just remember to use less sugar and more cheese. As it has lower pH levels, it helps prevent acids from destroying tooth enamels and helps prevent cavities. 

Queso de Bola –  A staple for Filipino Christmas meals all over the country, is another treat that makes it to the nice list for this holiday season. It’s creamy and salty, but it also has unique sweetness to it. For the most part, the cheese aspect of this has its benefits and the saltiness works as an antibacterial agent. But a point to remember to always have these in moderation. 

Turkey Ham – This protein-packed treat works with calcium to produce strong teeth. Plus it has low sugar content that makes it a great choice to fill up on. If it gets stuck between your teeth, remember to floss and problem solved. 

The Worst Teeth Treats

Hard Candies – Candy canes, tough gingerbread cookies and similar treats that require more effort to bite and crush. There is a risk of doing damage to your tooth enamel if you accidentally bite down into them. Most of the time we tend to do it without thinking – a crack sound and the damage is done. 

Sticky Candy – These types of candy are prone to get stuck in between your teeth and stay for hours, even days for some. Even if you brush regularly it is still possible for sticky candy e.g. Cadbury Choclairs, something we are all familiar with. Being difficult to wash away and getting stuck in your mouth for hours, these are a must avoid for your teeth.  

Carbonated or alcoholic beverages – A Christmas meal would not be complete without drinks. Fizzy drinks whether they are diet, light or sugar-free and alcoholic beverages are high acidity. They can erode tooth enamel, making your teeth more sensitive and prone to decay. A tip for you to combat this: Add some ice to your cocktails, diluting it can help reduce its acidity. Limiting alcohol intake as well definitely helps.

become invisible braces allow you to fully enjoy your holiday season feast while straightening your teeth at the same time. Plus, you don’t have to worry about food bits getting stuck in your braces wires giving you a headache to clean. 

Find out how it works here, or if you wish to start the new year’s off with a new smile book a scan here. Feel free to contact us on IG or Facebook if you have any questions!

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Trending Christmas Gifts 2020

To really give a gift this season that will earn you the ‘best secret santa’ title instantly, you can always gift a PS5 and be on your way. But if not, check how some other trending gift ideas that you could try below:

1. Beautiful Indoor Houseplants 

Houseplants have been rising in popularity since everyone started working from home. Indoor plants are great gifts due to the fact that they last all year round, easy to care for, inexpensive and importantly, take almost no effort to wrap. 

If you know someone who could use a bit of brightening up in their home or workspace, this is a great option. You can easily buy them online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Also, you could get more creative and look into nice planter pots for people who already have enough plants. If you’re staying in the same place with the recipient, you can help transfer the plants into the new pots!

2. Cool Kitchen Appliances

With different preventive measures in place, going out for food is subject to SOPs and restrictions, hence preparing meals at home becomes more preferable than ever. Because of that, cool kitchen appliances make a practical gift that will definitely make your friend’s or family member’s day!

For some, getting a cup of coffee from the office pantry is pretty much routine in the morning. As working from home has shifted into the new norm. Aside from a coffee machine, here are some cool kitchen appliances that make a good gifts: 

  • Blender
  • Waffle maker
  • Toaster 

For a simpler and a budget-friendly option, if you know anyone who’s picked up cooking this year or just been watching way too much Masterchef, you can give them a nice apron or a knives set.

3. Home Office Gifts 

While many have adjusted to working from home and setting up their own ‘home office’ workspace, giving a gift that elevates the work from home experience is something anybody will appreciate. Some special items are: 

  • Noise cancelling headphones – We all know how distracting it is when there’s noise coming from the neighbourhood such as renovation going on next door. 
  • A comfortable home office chair, or a nice seat cushion – Sometimes it’s so easy to be engrossed into your work and totally lose track of time. Promote good posture and relieve back pain all within budget!
  • Desk lamps, organiser drawers, laptop stands and countless other similar products that make great home office gifts. 

4. Self-care Package

Let your loved ones know you care about them with some great gifts for them to take care of themselves. With 2020 being a rough year it’s easy to forget to. Here are some gift ideas you can add into your care package:

  • Candles: Not only does it make a great home decoration but it also brings benefits in aromatherapy. Lavender scented candles are known to help one relax.
  • Snacks or chocolates: If you know someone who really likes snacks or chocolates, surprising them with a personally curated package would make them very happy.
  • Sheet masks: These masks give your skin a beautiful glow with the added benefit of hydration, allowing you to pamper yourself effortlessly.

5. Become invisible braces 

The best gift you can give at the end of the day is a smile. With become invisible braces  you can give your friends or family members a new and transformed smile that will last (with proper care and attention) down the road. 

Find out more here on how become can help you get you to your new smile! 

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How to Get Rid of Bad Breath the Natural Way | Become

You might think bad breath isn’t an issue since we are wearing face masks and practicing social distancing. But we don’t want people to still keep their distance from us after the pandemic is over, so here are five ways we can eliminate bad breath.

Stay Hydrated

One of the simplest steps you can take to curb bad breath is by drinking enough water. Dehydration can be the cause of your bad breath. When there’s not enough moisture in your mouth to produce saliva, odour-causing bacteria can develop. A normal amount of saliva will help wash away bacteria that accumulate on the tongue, gums and cheeks.

Clean your tongue

As mentioned above, bacteria in your mouth can accumulate on the tongue. The odour-causing compounds form on your tongue when bacteria and amino acids combine, emitting an unpleasant sulfur-like smell. Hence cleaning your tongue is one way to effectively eliminate bad breath.


What’s your favourite tea? Besides helping you to stay hydrated, green tea has disinfectant and deodorising properties that can temporarily freshen the breath. Mint has similar effects, so a cup of green mint tea may be an ideal breath freshener. Yummy!


Living in Southeast Asia proves to be an advantage when it comes to this particular tip –

A glass or organic pineapple juice or a pineapple slice after every meal does the trick for warding off bad breath. But remember to rinse your mouth of the sugars in fruit or fruit juice afterward, we don’t want to feed the bacteria and cause cavities!


Parsley is a popular folk remedy for bad breath. The fresh scent and the chlorophyll in it act as deodorisers, neutralising bad breath. Studies have shown that parsley can effectively combat foul sulfur compounds, so simply chew on a parsley sprig to freshen your mouth after a meal!

Apart from all these, daily tooth brushing along with flossing are important to ward off bad breath. Maintaining good oral hygiene can be trickier with metal braces, but not with become invisible braces – you can simply remove it to brush your teeth and floss as usual!

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Barter Communities in the Philippines

The Heartwarming Stories of the Barter Communities in the Philippines

2020 has been a tough year for all of us, especially due to the global pandemic situation. The quarantine and safety protocols implemented all over the country to reduce the spread of the virus has greatly affected the economy, with the unemployment rate at record high reflecting the effects of Covid-19 economic shutdown on the citizen. However, the ones mostly affected by it are those who earn income on a daily basis such as farmers and market vendors, living hand to mouth. 

That’s the backstory of how barter trade made its comeback and is now becoming increasingly popular again in the Philippines. Barter trading is an age-old exchange method used by our ancestors. It has been used for centuries and long before money was invented. People exchanged services and goods for other services and goods in return. In ancient times, this system involved people in the same area, however today bartering is going global thanks to the internet and social media platforms.

Koronadal City

In Koronadal, market vendors and small-scale farmers found many of their products like vegetables and fruits unsold as consumer spend greatly decreased. Thanks to a local volunteer, Kira Tacujan, who created a Facebook Group called Barter Challenge Koronadal, now the vendors can swap the produce for essential needs such as other food and grocery items. 

Barter Challenge Koronadal is a brilliant initiative as it opens the opportunity for not only the local community, but also benefactors from outside the city to pledge their support for the vendors.

There’s also the Koronadal Barter Community group on Facebook, which is an affiliate of Iloilo Barter Community. 

Iloilo City

Members of the Iloilo Barter Community (IBACO) post photos and videos of items they want to let go and products they want in exchange. If a deal is made, the ones involved will discuss how to make the swap.

Charity Delmo, the community’s creator, said the idea behind bringing the barter trade to Iloilo is to help Ilonggos obtain their needs without spending cash, while at the same time help business owners from outside the city to get their resources. 

Usual barters are gadgets for fruits, kitchen wares for face masks, and infant needs for plants among others. IBACO group has also witnessed some famous people such as social entrepreneur Janvie Amido and TV reporter Joyce Ann Clavecillas successfully making their barter trades. 

It’s reported that IBACO now has more than 20 affiliate groups in other parts of the country and even among Filipino communities abroad including those in Australia, Italy, Canada, and Saudi Arabia.

Bacolod City

When the global economy faces a potential collapse, Bacolod citizens show the world that money is not everything. The Bacolod Barter Community becomes their new normal in business trading, which may continue for quite a long time. In Bacolod City, the most trending word nowadays is “barter” with hashtag, #BBCo.

Initially when Atty. Jocelle Batapa-Sigue started the private barter group on Facebook, it was only for friends around Bacolod City. Now they have 20,000 posts per day with 20 moderators who work for free! 

The founder even held a simple contest where people can share their most amazing barter stories, and 10 stories were picked. Some were cute, some were funny, but most importantly a lot of the barter stories involved helping other people.

More than just for getting their necessities, these online communities have proved to be a platform for people to help others. They really show their Bayanihan spirit, trading more than what they agreed to barter. They are bartering items without too much emphasis on the monetary value, but on the practical value it can serve to the other person – which was the foundation of such initiatives. 


We at become are inspired by these heartwarming stories as we believe that digital advancement can boost humanitarian effort and provide a platform for Asians to be their best selves by helping others. Follow @become_asia on Instagram for stories of inspiring Asians. 

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DIY Home Spa To Get You Through Lockdown

With all the salons and spas temporarily closed, outsourcing our appearance maintenance routine is out of the question. But one of the few upsides of lockdown is that now really is the perfect time to brush up on your self-care skills! You may have suitable items at home already, or you can also buy them online or via e-hailing services. 


To make a wash-off face mask, mash half of a ripe banana until smooth, add in yogurt and honey, and stir until it forms a paste. Apply mask to freshly-washed face and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Otherwise if you prefer a peel-off mask, mix some agar-agar powder with steamed milk and stir until smooth. Add honey, stirring until it forms a paste. Apply the mask, steering clear of any facial hair. After the mask completely dries, peel the mask off. 


Besides facial masks, you can also make homemade hair masks! Black tea works wonder in preventing the production of excess oil on your hair while tightening the pores at the same time. To make black tea hair mask, prepare 2 tablespoons of black tea leaves in a cup of water. Boil it for 10 minutes and strain the tea and let it cool down. Apply the tea on your hair and leave on for 30 minutes. Shampoo and condition as usual. You’d rather drink your tea than use it on your hair? A simple alternative would be to mix aloe vera gel with a few drops of lemon juice, apply, enjoy your tea and wash it off after 30 minutes. 


How about doing your nails while waiting for your DIY hair mask to work its magic? Start by giving your nails a good soothing soak in warm water, dry, then trim nails before filing into a desired shape. Maybe skip the finger nail polish due to the frequent hand washing, but cute colours on toenails can somewhat lift our mood! For some fun, check out nail art inspiration online. Make sure to use a moisturising hand wash and apply hand cream before going to bed!


Melt 2 cups of granulated sugar, 1/4 cup lemon juice, 2 tablespoon of water and 1 teaspoon of salt in a pot, over medium-high heat. Once it begins to boil, stir to make sure all the ingredients are combined. Turn off the heat when the colour looks like honey, then allow to cool in a container. Before waxing, it’s best to apply some powder to remove any excess moisture and to reduce pain. Always test wax to be sure it isn’t too hot before applying, and remember – apply in the direction of the hair growth and pull off in the opposite direction.

These are just some of the things you can do during your home spa day. While we’ve given your tips on how to pamper yourself from head to toe, let’s not forget about your smile! Get started by booking a scan and let’s get working on your front teeth now!

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What to expect from your become invisible braces

What to expect from your become invisible braces

New to invisible braces? We got you covered on what you should be expecting from the start of your scan until the very end to achieve your dream smile.

Want straight teeth?

Find out if become invisible braces are right for you with our free smile assessment.

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Introducing Our 2020 Influencers

We are proud to introduce a team of content creators we have partnered with to empower more people to change their lives and teeth straightening is just the start.

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become invisible braces are tight-fitting, custom-made clear plastic trays that gradually shift your teeth to their desired position to achieve your award-winning dream smile. It sure sounds easy but what is it like to use become every day? We’ve broken it down for you:

You’ll (sorta) see into the future

Wonder what your teeth will look like when you’re done with your become journey? Don’t have to wonder further – we’ll show you!

When you get a scan at our partner clinic, our partner dentists at the labs will review your teeth alignment and create a 3D model of your new smile – so you can see what it’ll look like before you start your become Journey. With this, you only commit to paying for your invisible braces if you’re satisfied with the smile preview. That’s why we’re really 100% commitment-free!

Meeting your invisible braces

You’ll basically wear your invisible braces every moment of every day and night for a minimum of 22 hours. The only time they’ll be taken is out is when you have meals and drinks. That’s how often you have to wear them – but don’t worry, you’ll get used to it!

Your invisible braces are transparent and clear – so no one can see them. They work silently to help you get your dream smile.

Although it’s important to take note that whenever you’re not wearing your invisible braces, you’re letting your teeth shift back to their old position. Wear your invisible braces as instructed for the best results. 

Rinse and repeat

Remember when we mentioned that you have to take your invisible braces out before you start eating and drinking? But, when you slide them back in – you’ll need to rinse them to keep them clean and transparent.

This will be part of a routine for you during your become Journey. It seems like a hassle but it’s very important that you do not skip this step.

You’ll be watching the calendar

You will have to change your invisible braces pair every two weeks as you won’t be wearing the same pair throughout your entire become Journey

Remember to keep track on the calendar as changing out your invisible braces at the right time is important to ensure that the smile correction progresses smoothly and you get the best results.

Pain is part of the process

While you are wearing your invisible braces, you may experience some discomfort and minor pain. It is totally normal. 

This is because the aligners move your teeth and your teeth don’t like being shifted around. But the pain is good. It means that your teeth aligning is working – after all the common saying is no pain, no gain.

However, if the pain continues to worsen – please reach out to our smile consultants and they’ll be happy to help.

Meeting your after-braces BFF – Retainers

Once you’ve completed all your invisible braces sets, it is essential to wear your pair of retainers. We know it’s tedious having to wear another contraption in your mouth even after you’re done with your smile correction but this is crucial!

Without reminding your teeth to stay put, they’ll shift back to their old position, thus changing your smile back to the old one.

For the first 3 months after your teeth has been straightened, you’ll be wearing your retainers all the time. After that, you will only need to wear your retainers at night.

Ready to get started?

We’ve explained it all and now it’s your turn to start your smile journey! Take our smile assessment to find out how to get this whole thing moving.

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Your guide to teeth straightening options

Your guide to teeth straightening options

Thinking about straightening your smile? Here are your available options explained.

Want straight teeth?

Find out if become invisible braces are right for you with our free smile assessment.

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Introducing Our 2020 Influencers

We are proud to introduce a team of content creators we have partnered with to empower more people to change their lives and teeth straightening is just the start.

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Teeth straightening is a big step for most and there are plenty of options to choose from. Searching for teeth straightening options online results in an overwhelming number of choices, ranging from traditional metal braces, to ceramic or clear braces, to newer invisible braces that are prescribed at the dentist clinic or can be purchased online as a teeth straightening kit and shipped to your house.

But when it comes down to it, your options come in just two main types: conventional fixed appliances such as metal or ceramic braces, or removable invisible braces.

Traditional braces

The upside: Can treat most orthodontic issues, is easily accessible and affordable

The downside: They are a fixed appliance; which means they cannot be removed until after the treatment is complete, can irritate gums and cheeks, extra oral care is needed to prevent cavities and other oral problems.

Results in: Varies by person; 1 year to 4 years

Cost: Between ₱30,000 – ₱80,000

Traditional braces work by using pressure to move your teeth into a desired position. There’s a reason they are commonly used: they work for everything from fixing teeth that are crooked, crowded or spaced out to correcting an overbite or underbite. But braces aren’t all metal mouth and elastic bands anymore as what they were back then. There are now a number of braces options available in the market such as:

Metal braces:These are the traditional and most common braces — they consist of metal brackets with wires held by elastic ties.

Damon/Self-litigating braces: Like traditional metal braces, but they use a sliding device to hold the wire instead of elastic ties. They usually have a ceramic bracket option that are less visibly obvious compared to metal braces

It is important to note that there are certain cases that can be best fixed with traditional braces, and there are some cases that are actually fixed best with invisible braces.

Invisible braces

The upside:  For mild to moderate cases, invisible braces can be more affordable than traditional braces, less noticeable than traditional braces, removable – thus allowing eating, drinking and maintaining oral hygiene easier

The downside: Must be worn for a proper amount of time each day throughout the process to be effective at straightening teeth, may cost significantly more than traditional braces, as they are removable – may be easily misplaced

Results in: Varies by person; 6 months to 2 years

Cost: Between ₱65,250 – ₱250,000

Invisalign introduced invisible braces to the market in 1997 and since then, over two dozen companies have followed. Invisible braces are plastic trays that are custom-made to be fitted to your teeth based on the mould of your teeth or the 3D scan of your mouth. Each pair of invisible braces put pressure on your teeth, gradually moving them into their desired position. Invisible braces are removable when eating, drinking or brushing teeth but they will need to be worn for at least 22 hours a day in order to be effectively straightening teeth.

Most people have been discouraged from straightening their teeth as braces might not be the most ideal method and invisible braces prescribed at orthodontic clinics are extremely costly and not easily accessible to most people. Today, direct-to-consumer brands are making it easier for everyone to straighten their teeth with customized invisible braces at affordable prices with almost no clinic visits.

How do I know what’s right for me?

The two options explained above work well for the cases they are intended to fix but for some, the direct-to-consumer invisible braces is every bit as effective as any alternatives that are prescribed in the clinic. Want to find out if you are fit for become invisible braces? Take our free smile assessment now!