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How Will Invisible Braces Impact My Lifestyle? – Part 1

You might think that wearing invisible braces necessitates too many lifestyle changes, but let us tell you that it’s not true! While we can’t say that the treatment doesn’t have any demands at all, but among teeth straightening methods, it is arguably the easiest to adjust to. 

What doesn’t change with become invisible braces:

1. Stay pretty during treatment

Without wires and brackets, there’s nothing to disrupt your look. Invisible braces are the most discreet and non-intrusive method to straighten your teeth naturally. 

2. Keep being a foodie

There’s no food restriction as there’s no wire or bracket to break. You also don’t need to worry about getting food stuck between your braces as invisible braces are removable.

3. Stay active in activities you love

Getting hit in the mouth during sports can cause extreme pain and cuts if you’re wearing metal braces, but not if you’re wearing invisible braces. Musicians playing wind and brass instruments also benefit from invisible braces as they can be removed during practice and performance.

4. Teeth cleaning as usual

With become invisible braces, you can keep brushing and flossing just as you normally do, with no brackets or wires to get in the way. With metal braces, you need to use interdental brushes and superfloss in addition to your brushing routine.

5. Say no to dental emergencies

If you’re wearing become invisible braces, there’s no risk of brackets and wires breaking or running out of rubber bands hence there will be no emergency visits to the dentists.

So those are parts of your life stay as they are if you opt to restore your confident smile with become invisible braces. Stay tuned for our next article where we’ll discuss what might or will change in your lifestyle with invisible braces. Meanwhile, you can visit our website to learn more about smile correction.

Invisible Braces Oral Health

DIY Teeth Straightening and Fake Braces are Bad Ideas. Here’s why.

What is DIY Teeth Straightening?

A growing trend in the teeth straightening space is do-it-yourself (DIY) methods – be it closing gaps by installing the wires by yourself around the lower incisors or by buying ready-made plastic braces that are NOT custom designed for your set of teeth. In this post, we will go into the serious consequences of moving them yourself, without having dental professionals designing your teeth straightening treatment. 

What are Fake Braces?

Fake braces are mouthpieces that look very similar to metal braces, but are not operative, and are traded through the black market. They are also known as fashion braces, as the target market includes teenagers who want to wear braces as accessories. Fake braces are sold online, or by individuals who do not have orthodontic certification or qualification a.k.a. fake dentists. These individuals offer the service of installing the fake braces for much lower prices than any dental clinics. 

Since the customers do not place the ‘braces’ on their teeth on their own, it didn’t occur to them that it’s fake. In fact, some of them were convinced that the individuals they paid to affix the fake braces on them are dental professionals. 

DIY Teeth Straightening and Fake Braces Can Have Serious Consequences

There’s an example from ABC News, where a man attempted to close a gap in his front teeth on his own by using rubber bands to tighten them at night. What he always found the next morning is that the rubber bands are gone but in fact they became embedded in his gums. Because of this he went on to lose his two front teeth, tens of thousands of dollars and seven years to repair the mess he made because it was “a lot cheaper.”

We get it – conventional metal braces, and in-office invisible braces can be far beyond affordable to most people. That’s the reason why some take matters into their own hands, buying fake braces hoping it can fix their misaligned teeth for less than a hundred dollars. 

Little did they know that attempts at implementing these teeth straightening “hacks” often lead to them spending more amounts of money and time at the dentist, which is something they were trying to avoid in the first place. The substandard orthodontic practices can cause damage to the teeth, gums, or even lips and supporting bones! There have been cases of teenagers who died after using fashion braces, due to the inferior material quality and toxic heavy metals content. 

As for the ready-made fake plastic braces known as ‘teeth trainers’ sold on e-commerce sites and social media, they are not the same with invisible braces. Everybody’s teeth and jaws are different, so any teeth-straightening devices need to be prescribed on a case-by-case basis. That’s why a proper smile makeover process must start with a dental scan, a teeth impression, and/or a dental X-ray. 

These ‘teeth trainers’ could adversely affect both the development of the jaw and the alignment of teeth. Since these products have not been tested by the authority, nothing is known about whether the material that they are made of is toxic.

Are become Invisible Braces a DIY Teeth Straightening Method?

It’s clear that DIY teeth straightening and fake braces are not safe nor advised by dental professionals. The good news is that metal braces and the super expensive clear aligners that you can get from the dental clinic are not the only option out there for those seeking a perfect smile.

Teledentistry has made it possible for become to offer invisible braces as an alternative for teeth straightening, at an affordable price. It’s a relatively new field that combines telecommunication technology and dental care. It can be used not only to increase access to dental care, but also for consultation, education and public awareness.

Teledentistry is not the same with DIY teeth straightening. become teeth straightening process includes a consultation and a dental scan at the partner dentists’ clinics, and our invisible braces are custom-designed to each customer’s case. The whole process is prescribed and monitored by dentists with at least 4 years of experience in prescribing invisible braces.


DIY Braces

Requires dental scan

Doesn’t require dental scan

There’s an initial consultation

No consultation

Only customers who are approved by the dentists can buy

Anyone can buy DIY braces

Treatment is designed on a case-by-case basis

All customers get the same mouthpiece

Designed, prescribed and overseen by experienced dentists

Zero involvement with a dentist

Made of medical grade plastic

Materials unknown

Bottom line is, take care of your oral health and speak to your dentist about your options. If you are budget-conscious, you can check out our flexible instalment plans and book a scan to get started!

Invisible Braces Teeth Alignment


You have come across our ads, and you have browsed our site. It looks good, and you are interested in getting your teeth straightened with become. But how do you know if you are suitable for become invisible braces?

Does this sound like you?

Here are several conditions that are noticeable and self-identifiable – if you have one of these, you may not be suitable for become invisible braces.

Severe Rotated Teeth
Severe Crowding
Severe Spacing
Loose Teeth, Jaw Locking or Severe Jaw Pain
Permanent Retainers
  • Severe crowding, spacing and rotated teeth
  • Jaw locking or severe jaw pain
  • Loose teeth
  • Untreated gum disease
  • Permanent retainers
  • People with certain medical conditions
      • Bisphosphonates consumption
      • Currently receiving immunosuppressive therapy, chemotherapy or radiation treatment of the head/neck
      • Osteoporosis
      • Rheumatism/arthritis
      • Periodontitis (severe case of gum disease)

Conditions requiring special attention

Excessive Plaque (calculus) on teeth
Loose Dental Fillings
Untreated cavities or caries

Some conditions, like these, don’t mean you are not suitable for become, but require to visit your dentists and get it fixed before focusing on straightening your teeth.

  1. Root canals
    Root canal-ed teeth are movable but please wait for 1 to 2 months after the procedure before starting your smile correction.
  2. Crowns
    If they are in the front 6 to 8 teeth, it will be on a case-by-case basis whether or not it is suitable. 
  3. Veneers
    Teeth can be aligned but there is a very low risk that a veneer might fall off if it is fixed to the front 6 to 8 teeth.
  4. Loose dental fillings
    The filling has to be re-done or it might pop off, especially if it is on the front teeth.
  5. Gum issues
    If you have swollen gum or excessive bleeding when brushing or flossing, these can be signs of gum disease. We advise to consult a dentist.
  6. Untreated cavities or caries
    These need to be fixed before straightening your teeth.
  7. Excessive plaque (calculus) on teeth
    If there is too much plaque, you need to go to the dentist before coming for a scan as we won’t be able to scan the actual shape of teeth.

In conclusion, if your teeth do not meet the unsuitable conditions as mentioned above, we would love to assist you on your teeth straightening journey to reach your new smile goals. If your gum is healthy, your teeth are clean, what are you waiting for? Start by booking a FREE dental scan at one of our partner clinics and we’ll send you a preview of your ‘after-become’ smile!

Invisible Braces

How Healthtech Makes Invisible Braces Affordable for Youths

What is healthtech?

Healthtech is a sector where digital products and services and healthcare meet. Designed in a way that provides people with a faster, cheaper and more accessible care. These services are usually found outside of a clinic to remote areas where healthcare is not as accessible. 

By using advanced technology, it creates new areas of innovation such as teledentistry to 

emerge and allow healthcare systems to reach across the Philippines and Southeast Asia to meet growing demand and need to access healthcare everywhere.

Healthtech and teledentistry

One of the rising sub-areas of healthtech is telehealthcare, where it enables people to access to receive assistance and the help they need remotely. Given the ability to speak to multiple people at once instead of spending long hours for one person this allows the service provider to be more responsive in handling the consumer’s different needs and ultimately makes it easier for all healthcare professionals to provide high quality service to more people. 

Teledentistry is part of the larger picture in telehealthcare. Where similarly, the goal is to improve the access of dental care, create a place for licensed dentists to exchange insights, and further advance dental care remotely. This will greatly help those who are unable to reach a dentist or just live too far away from a dental clinic in the Philippines. 

At become, we push to make teeth straightening accessible to all but also affordable for all. High quality of care without the costs of time, money, effort and at times feels tense and rushed. This is possible because we eliminate the costs that are in between in-person consultation and the middlemen that are providing you the invisible braces, with a direct to consumer model. 

Most importantly, your teeth straightening process will be handled by our partner dentists but become has fixed the price for you. 

Invisible Braces

What Happens During Your Scan Appointment with Become

Take the first step to getting better oral health and a better smile at our becomeStudio™. Getting invisible braces is a pretty big deal, but it’s simpler than you might think. Here is what you should expect when visiting any becomeStudio™ that would help to make the whole process less intimidating.

Arrival at becomeStudio™

On your appointment day, the front desk staff will welcome your arrival and provide you a safe environment with our Covid-19 preventive measures in place.

Rapid Antigen Test

A compulsory antigen test will be conducted on the spot to ensure that you are covid-free. Your results will be announced approximately 10 minutes after the test and you will only be allowed to proceed with the appointment if tested negative. Fret not, this test is completely free of charge for become customers!

Dental Health and Data Privacy Notice Form

Your health and data privacy is our number one priority. Our lovely front desk staff will request that you fill up the declaration forms to safeguard your personal interests and well-being. Feel free to ask any specific questions or raise any personal concerns that you may have about the upcoming scanning procedure.

Teeth Assessment by the dentist

Next, our highly qualified partner dentists will thoroughly explain the scanning procedure to ensure you are fully prepared. An oral hygiene assessment will be conducted to get a better visual of your current teeth and gum health. To ensure your teeth and gum are in optimal condition for teeth straightening, the dentist may suggest oral health treatments before proceeding with the scan.

3D Intraoral Scan

If your teeth and gum are healthy, the dentist will proceed to the next step which is taking a scan of your teeth. The 3D scan leverages on our advanced 3D-scanning technology which captures an upper and lower digital scan of your mouth in a matter of minutes! Using specialised software, our team together with partner dentists will create accurate digital before-and-after models of your teeth and hasten the manufacturing of your invisible braces so that you can get closer to your ideal smile in just one visit.  

Smile for the camera

Rest assured, you’re in great hands with the team at any becomeStudio™. Give us a big smile and let our dentist or nurse take photographs of your teeth to help us design your personalised treatment plan and curate the perfect smile treatment.

What's next?

In most cases, with your scans and photos completed, within 10 days our partner dentists in the lab will design your customised treatment plan and a simulation of your future smile. This treatment plan will be compared to your checkup report, to make sure that everything is good. In the case where the dentists find out that the treatment plan is going to be too risky, we won’t proceed with the treatment. This means that getting a scan doesn’t guarantee treatability, but of course these are the outliers. 

If everything is good, a Smile Care Expert will fully explain to you – through a scheduled phone call – how it works, and walk you through your smile transformation journey with whatever enquires you might have, at zero cost.  

Invisible Braces

How long will it take for Become Invisible Braces to straighten my teeth?

It takes become invisible braces an average of 6 months to straighten a smile… now let us break that down.

Booking a teeth straightening appointment / 3D dental scan.

One way you can start your teeth straightening journey is by booking an appointment at one of our scan locations. Find the studio closest to you and book your free dental consultation appointment here

Your 3D dental scan will be completed by one of our partner dentists – it’s painless and you should be in and out within 30 minutes. The results of the scan will be used to create your unique teeth alignment plan – pretty cool right? 

Receiving your unique treatment plan to get straight teeth

After our partner dentists have analysed your impressions, you’ll receive a computer generated simulation of how become invisible braces will transform your smile over time. Expect to receive this shortly after your Studio visit.

Shipping your invisible braces.

All treatment plans are remotely prescribed and supervised by our licensed partner dentists. 

If you are happy with your treatment plan you can go ahead and purchase your invisible braces for a smile-worthy price. As soon as your invisible braces have been 3D printed, we’ll ship the full set to your home address in a nice box. 

Your become treatment 

The treatment itself will take an average of 6 months to complete – you will wear your invisible braces for 22 hours every day, just removing them to eat and drink.

Post-treatment retainers.

Once your treatment is completed, it’s important to wear your retainers to keep your newly-aligned smile in place.

Are you ready to begin your become journey? Let’s take the free assessment now!

General Invisible Braces Lifestyle & Inspiration Teeth Alignment

Years After Braces, My Teeth Have Moved Back

Years After Braces, My Teeth Have Moved Back

Years after removing your metal braces, some of your teeth have returned to their original positions! So what do you do now?

Want straight teeth?

Find out if become invisible braces are right for you with our free smile assessment.

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Shift happens – and when it does, become will be there for you!

Growing up with crooked teeth was the hardest thing. Well, probably the second hardest thing if you wore metal braces in your teen years. All the clinic visits, the painful wire tightenings, the ulcers, the limitation on food choices, the humiliation – you have persisted through all that, motivated by the rewarding thought of a perfect straight pearly whites you’ll be showing off every time you smile. 

10 or 20 years have passed, and now you realise the results don’t last a lifetime. Some of your teeth have returned to their original positions! Looking back, you remember that you were not wearing your retainer diligently following your metal braces removal. Why would you? You’d dealt with chunky metal brackets and wires for two years and you’ve got your teeth straightened, therefore wearing a retainer every night might have seemed unnecessary and cumbersome. 

You wished you could time travel and tell your younger self that your retainer was your secret to long-lasting results and without wearing it, your teeth will most likely shift back into place. So is it too late to fix them now? Is there anything you can still do? Do you have to wear braces again?

Don’t worry. Thanks to become, you don’t have to go through the train track braces ordeal again. Our truly invisible braces can re-straighten your smile and there’s a good chance treatment won’t take as long as it did the first time round. They can restore your confidence as fast as in 6 months’ time!

Not just that, we’re making the experience as hassle-free as possible by delivering your full set of customised invisible braces to you. This time around, you no longer have to waste time at the waiting room and traveling to clinic for appointments. We also cut the middleman cost to make invisible braces affordable for you! 

We trust you to wear your retainers this time to keep your new realigned smile in place 😉

General Invisible Braces Tips & Tutorials

What are invisible braces?

What are invisible braces?

The term “invisible braces” refers to any type of short-term orthodontic system that is less easily noticed than traditional braces. Here we dig deeper into what invisible braces are.

Want straight teeth?

Find out if become invisible braces are right for you with our free smile assessment.

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Our become invisible braces, sometimes called clear aligners; are BPA, parabens and phthalate-free plastic trays that are custom fitted to your teeth to straighten them. They are more affordable, more comfortable, and more convenient than traditional metal braces and Invisalign. Bid farewell to wires and brackets and say hello to a smile you’ll love with become.

What are invisible braces?

Invisible braces are clear plastic trays that fit snugly over your teeth to gently shift them into the desired position. become’s process includes several sets of custom-made invisible braces, worn 2 weeks at a time per set to straighten your smile progressively.

Each invisible braces set will make slight adjustments to tooth position, advancing you to the next stage of your new smile. The process is planned out in advance by our partnered orthodontists. We also make it hassle-free for you as every set of invisible braces in your treatment plan is shipped to you all at once – so you don’t ever have to go to the clinic to get your next set.

How are become invisible braces better than metal braces?

Traditional metal braces typically cost upward of ₱30,000 – ₱50,000 whereas invisible braces such as Invisalign prescribed at clinics average around ₱250,000. We have priced our invisible braces at a smile-worthy price of only 65,250. We work with licensed orthodontists through a process called remote teledentistry. Our partnered orthodontists will plan out your treatment plan and check in with you remotely to ensure your treatment is going smoothly. By removing unnecessary visits to the clinic with our direct to consumer model, we pass thousands of dollars in savings directly on to you.  

Braces correct more severe issues, including overbite, underbite, crossbite. However, invisible braces work best for those with mild to moderate teeth correction, including gaps and crowding.

How do I start?

Getting started with become is 100% risk-free as you only pay for your invisible braces if you qualify and are happy with your smile preview. Take our free 30-second Smile Assessment to find out if you qualify – and then purchase our Starter Kit to begin your smile journey at home.  

A straighter, more confident smile could be yours before you know it.