become are no longer accepting new customers.

As of 24th December 2021, become is shutting down our website for new customers. We would like to thank you for your support and understanding.

Over the past 2 years we've helped over 1,000+ people get straighter teeth. It's been our pleasure to help you achieve greater confidence with your smile.

For current customers, this will have no effect on ongoing treatments. Please continue using the becomeDiary as usual. Your dentist will continue to provide any medical support regarding your treatment. You may reach out to them directly.

For any enquiries or questions please email [email protected].

😁 Keep smilling.

When will my aligners be delivered? If you have purchased but not yet received your aligners, they are still in production. Your aligners will be delivered within 4 weeks of your purchase date.
What are my support channels throughout treatment? Become has been the platform that connects you with your licensed dentists. You still have access to the becomeDiary, which your dentist will check monthly.
Who do I contact if there’s any issues during treatment? If you have urgent questions regarding your treatment, please contact your dentist directly.
Who will monitor my treatment progress? Your smile makeover progress will continue to be monitored by your dentist through the becomeDiary.
What can I do if my results are not achieved at the end of treatment? The vast majority of our customers that follow their prescription accurately, which means they wear their aligners for the prescribed 22 hours per day, 7 days a week without break and change their aligner sets every 2 weeks and not a day before, achieve a satisfactory outcome. If you are still not satisfied with the result, please approach your dentist.
Do I need to wear retainers after completing treatment? Yes. After finishing your smile transformation journey, you’ll need to wear your retainers regularly to maintain your new smile. However, this is optional.
Where do I get retainers from? You can opt to purchase retainers from your dental clinic.
What happens if I have a retainer subscription? The subscription will be cancelled and you won’t be automatically charged.
What do I do if my aligners don’t fit? Check that you have inserted the aligners properly and bite on chewies for a few minutes to make sure the aligners are inserted in fully. If still ill-fitting, you may note this in the become diary.
What do I do if I break or lose my invisible braces? Skip to the next set, however it might be more painful at the start, and difficult to fit. Use chewies to seat aligners extensively.