Invisible Braces Teeth Alignment


You have come across our ads, and you have browsed our site. It looks good, and you are interested in getting your teeth straightened with become. But how do you know if you are suitable for become invisible braces?

Does this sound like you?

Here are several conditions that are noticeable and self-identifiable – if you have one of these, you may not be suitable for become invisible braces.

Severe Rotated Teeth
Severe Crowding
Severe Spacing
Loose Teeth, Jaw Locking or Severe Jaw Pain
Permanent Retainers
  • Severe crowding, spacing and rotated teeth
  • Jaw locking or severe jaw pain
  • Loose teeth
  • Untreated gum disease
  • Permanent retainers
  • People with certain medical conditions
      • Bisphosphonates consumption
      • Currently receiving immunosuppressive therapy, chemotherapy or radiation treatment of the head/neck
      • Osteoporosis
      • Rheumatism/arthritis
      • Periodontitis (severe case of gum disease)

Conditions requiring special attention

Excessive Plaque (calculus) on teeth
Loose Dental Fillings
Untreated cavities or caries

Some conditions, like these, don’t mean you are not suitable for become, but require to visit your dentists and get it fixed before focusing on straightening your teeth.

  1. Root canals
    Root canal-ed teeth are movable but please wait for 1 to 2 months after the procedure before starting your smile correction.
  2. Crowns
    If they are in the front 6 to 8 teeth, it will be on a case-by-case basis whether or not it is suitable. 
  3. Veneers
    Teeth can be aligned but there is a very low risk that a veneer might fall off if it is fixed to the front 6 to 8 teeth.
  4. Loose dental fillings
    The filling has to be re-done or it might pop off, especially if it is on the front teeth.
  5. Gum issues
    If you have swollen gum or excessive bleeding when brushing or flossing, these can be signs of gum disease. We advise to consult a dentist.
  6. Untreated cavities or caries
    These need to be fixed before straightening your teeth.
  7. Excessive plaque (calculus) on teeth
    If there is too much plaque, you need to go to the dentist before coming for a scan as we won’t be able to scan the actual shape of teeth.

In conclusion, if your teeth do not meet the unsuitable conditions as mentioned above, we would love to assist you on your teeth straightening journey to reach your new smile goals. If your gum is healthy, your teeth are clean, what are you waiting for? Start by booking a FREE dental scan at one of our partner clinics and we’ll send you a preview of your ‘after-become’ smile!

Invisible Braces

How Healthtech Makes Invisible Braces Affordable for Youths

What is healthtech?

Healthtech is a sector where digital products and services and healthcare meet. Designed in a way that provides people with a faster, cheaper and more accessible care. These services are usually found outside of a clinic to remote areas where healthcare is not as accessible. 

By using advanced technology, it creates new areas of innovation such as teledentistry to 

emerge and allow healthcare systems to reach across the Philippines and Southeast Asia to meet growing demand and need to access healthcare everywhere.

Healthtech and teledentistry

One of the rising sub-areas of healthtech is telehealthcare, where it enables people to access to receive assistance and the help they need remotely. Given the ability to speak to multiple people at once instead of spending long hours for one person this allows the service provider to be more responsive in handling the consumer’s different needs and ultimately makes it easier for all healthcare professionals to provide high quality service to more people. 

Teledentistry is part of the larger picture in telehealthcare. Where similarly, the goal is to improve the access of dental care, create a place for licensed dentists to exchange insights, and further advance dental care remotely. This will greatly help those who are unable to reach a dentist or just live too far away from a dental clinic in the Philippines. 

At become, we push to make teeth straightening accessible to all but also affordable for all. High quality of care without the costs of time, money, effort and at times feels tense and rushed. This is possible because we eliminate the costs that are in between in-person consultation and the middlemen that are providing you the invisible braces, with a direct to consumer model. 

Most importantly, your teeth straightening process will be handled by our partner dentists but become has fixed the price for you. 

Invisible Braces

What Happens at a Scan Session

You have submitted your lead form, now you are waiting excitedly for your scan session but what happens there? Is there anything I need to know or bring? 

In this post we will explain what happens at a becomeStudio™ scan session.


Once you arrive at our partner dentist scan location, you will be warmly welcomed by the assistants/ concierge there and then you may ask any other extra any specific questions or personal concerns that you may have about the scanning session. 

Smile Assessment & Photos

The first step is to fill in our Smile Assessment form so we know you and your teeth history better. After that is completed, we take some pictures of your teeth to get a better visual of your current teeth alignment. With these, our partner dentist will be able to immediately notice if you have great oral hygiene or are there certain areas you need to work on.   

Once it is filled in and we have the pictures of your teeth, you are all ready for your 3D dental scan. 

Digital 3D Scanning

During this time, our partner dentist will proceed to scan the top and bottom sets of your teeth. Using the best scanning equipment it allows us to record and design your personalize your invisible braces with the highest attention to detail that fits just your teeth to make sure you reach your teeth straightening goals

Invisible braces kit 

You will get a preview of your invisible braces kit, where you get to see what is in store for you along with your become invisible braces. You will be explained on how teeth straightening will work and show you the steps to complete in your become journey and how your new smile will transform over time.

Once it is done, you will have the option to pre-order your invisible aligners. In less than 10 days, you will be able to see your smile simulation of how your future smile will turn out even before you put on invisible braces. If either you or our partner dentist decide that it isn’t suitable for you, there is a no-hassle 100% money back guarantee. 

The wait is over and you can be the first to show off your new become invisible braces in the Philippines!