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Here’s where we’ll set you straight about our invisible braces and the become journey.

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Trending Christmas Gifts 2020

With how 2020 has been, would it really be a surprise if the Grinch stole Christmas? Although undoubtedly the celebrations this year would be different, good Christmas gifts would wrap up the year on a positive note. Here are some trending Christmas gifts you can use!

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woman take invisible braces and smile at home


We always look out for what’s best for our customers, whether they are suitable or not. In this post we will explain the types of teeth cases that become is able to help with such as veneers, crowns, underbite, overbites and others.

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What Happens at a Scan Session

Ever been to a dental appointment that’s chill and stress-free? That’s what makes become scan sessions different. We got you covered with what happens at a scan session.

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5 Teeth Straightening Myths & Facts

Sometimes we hear about what our neighbour’s brother’s friend’s mention of their experience with teeth straightening. In this post, we set the record straight about the ‘fake news’ that surrounds these myths and facts.

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